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Your Sponsorship Benefits The Helpline Center

Each year over 48,000 people in the United States die by suicide leaving behind thousands of loved ones to endure this life-changing loss. Text4HOPE is a crisis texting program providing critical outreach and resources, which is available 24/7 to all South Dakota high school students. Your donation to The 437 Project provides ongoing support to someone who has lost a family member or friend to suicide, connecting them with resources and support groups to navigate through the grieving process. Your contributions will also allow team members access to adequate training to ensure the skills necessary to identify those at risk of suicide and provide the life-saving means to help.

Your <strong>Sponsorship</strong> Benefits The <a href="" target="_blank">Helpline Center</a>


Level Cost and Availability

Individual Sponsor

Contribute to the goal of raising awareness for mental health and supporting programs offered through The Helpline Center by contributing any amount of your choosing.

$1/mile = $437
$5/mile = $2,185
$1,889 = The year South Dakota became a state
$4,000 = For each of the presidents featured on Mount Rushmore



As the Transportation Sponsor, this organization will provide support vehicles for The 437 Project to be used pre-event, as well as throughout the journey across the state of South Dakota. These vehicles may include motorhomes, travelers, as well as large SUVs to help transport runners and others from the event team. Sponsor logo will be featured on the vehicles, as well as on select print materials, social media, and the event website.

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Transportation Fuel Sponsor

Help The 437 Project get up, get going, and go the distance! As the Transportation Fuel Sponsor, this organization will ensure the runners, volunteers, and support personnel make it to the finish line. Sponsor branding will be featured on select event print materials, vehicles, social media, and the event website.

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Runner Care Sponsor

It takes a lot to keep the runners of The 437 Project going!  Runner Care Sponsors will help provide funding for various amenities runners may need throughout the event, including cooling towels, food, beverages, hats, and other needs. Sponsor branding will be featured on select event print materials, on the event website, and social media.

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Send-Off Celebration Sponsor

When it’s time to send off The 437 Project team, we want to do it in style! The Send-Off Celebration Sponsor will support all festivities and happenings that will take place at the celebration prior to the runners beginning their endeavor across South Dakota. Those in attendance will be event sponsors, partners, runners, supporters and volunteers.

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Entertainment Sponsor

There’s nothing like live music to commemorate and celebrate the accomplishments of The 437 Project. The Entertainment Sponsor(s) will help support all live music featured at the Send-Off Celebration, as well as the Finish Line Reception.

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Finish Line Reception Sponsor

Congratulate the runners as they cross the finish line after 437 miles across the state of South Dakota. As a Finish Line Reception Sponsor, your organization will be a part of the finish line celebration  where family, friends, and community members will be celebrating alongside the event team.

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Community Welcome Sponsor

The Community Welcome Sponsor is the key to engaging each major community the runners will pass through. As a Community Welcome Sponsor, we encourage you to get your organization involved, cheer on the runners as they pass by, or even join in for a mile or two! Sponsor branding will be featured on select event print materials, on the event website, and social media.

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Jersey Sponsor

As the Jersey Sponsor of The 437 Project, this organization will help to provide branded jerseys for one individual runner that will be trekking across the state of South Dakota. The jersey will include branding from the sponsor as well as other graphics selected by the featured runner.

$2,000 SOLD OUT